Restoring The

Eye's Ability

To Focus

With Adaptilens, our goal is ambitious: to replicate the human lens as closely as possible. We are developing an accommodating IOL that adapts to the patient’s surroundings, giving them the ability to focus not just on a single distance but on objects near, far, and in between—with less dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

Liane Clamen, MD
Founder & CEO
Mathew L Becker, PhD
Member, Scientific Advisory Board
Brett Thomes, PhD
Chief Information and Technology Officer
Daniel Stanley, MS
Chief Operating Officer
Sheila Borboli-Gerogiannis, MD, FACS
Member, Scientific Advisory Board
Thomas X Neenan, PhD
Member, Scientific Advisory Board
Cindy Chao, MD, PhD
Member, Scientific Advisory Board
Brian Levy, OD, MSc
Member, Scientific Advisory Board

We are industry experts who understand the challenge

We are a team of ophthalmologists, cataract specialists, scientists, and engineers with a singular focus on improving vision and the quality of life of cataract patients.  Learn more about the people behind Adaptilens’ revolutionary vision-restoring technology.